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  • Jon Longworth

The Huddersfield 10 Year Plan - Ten Years From Now

As I have stated through several of other blogs, my intent behind this project is to come back to Huddersfield in around 10 years after the revitalisation of the town centre has concluded so I can photograph how the space has changed in the ten years that I'll be gone. I think its essential that it be photographed, as the images and the text suggest the themes of rebirth. So to avoid shooting how things would have changed would defeat the point of rebirth, as I would simply be photographing the ending of something without documenting its new beginning.

With most of the town centre being altered in some way, it'll be interesting to think of how I will be able to photograph the landscapes that present themselves. One of the areas with the most prominent changes will be that of Queensgate, as a lot of the area will be getting demolished so that they can have a larger, more open area that would allow for the space to be more effective in hosting events. It seems like there is a focus on cultural events, things which resonate with the people of Huddersfield, so seeing how that will project itself onto the surrounding environment will be very interesting to look at. I am also quite excited to see how the surrounding spaces will adapt to this. I know for a fact that Queensgate Market will not be getting removed along with the rest of it, so I think there'll be lots of potential to document how these two spaces from very different cultural eras will integrate with each other.

On a less optimistic side, I think there is more of a chance to discuss how it will effect the general area of Huddersfield, as well as the town centre. In my previous blog post about the Huddersfield Ten Year Plan, I mention my concerns about the possibility of gentrification in the surrounding areas of town, and as much as I am concerned to see that actually take effect, there might actually be a noticeable and photographical piece of evidence that I think is worthy of discussion. It is something that I'll leave for then, as I have stated on several accounts my desire to abstain from imposing any self made narratives upon the viewer, so by waiting and actually seeing how the revival of the town centre will actually effect these locations and the people living in it, there's actually a legitimate form of truth, as I will be photographing what I am seeing.

To conclude, I am excited as a photographer for what the changes to this project could signify in terms of developing my own work further down the line, but as a general citizen, I worry about the possible outcomes that could stem as a result of this plan. Obviously I don't want to jump the gun, but I believe there to be a real possibility of it happening further down the line.

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