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Growth Project - Project Conclusion

When it comes to the general state of this project, I think that it had a difficult road at the beginning, as it went through several iterations that aimed to take the project in several drastically different routes. I think that the final submission however was the strongest out of the prototypes developed. It showcases an amalgamation of all the work that previously went into the work, from quite cluttered organisation to a piece of work that had a driven directive that aimed to pursue a goal that benefitted Huddersfield town as a whole.

There are sections that I wish had not continued for as long as they did, such as the branding and font choice, as I felt that the clear choice of text and colour usage was to use the Antipasta Pro and Open Sans, alongside the base colours. I think there became the issue of wanting to develop a logo and branding that felt unique to the individual and felt exclusive to their stylisation, but ultimately I think the group came together to recognise that there are current social views in the world of art and marketing that means that whatever our own aesthetic responses are, they usually have to be set aside for something more palpable to the general audience. As disappointing as that may be sometimes.

Aside from this, I thought that the project fulfilled the requirements set out to us at the start of the module. It allowed for a greater collaboration between people practicing in different artistic forms, along for us to develop a final project that allowed us to show a piece that highlighted each of our own abilities. My architecture photography for me, as well as Gabriela in her branding and animation and Siobhan for her website design, which allowed her to incorporate some of her own photography as well. Since the project took a more commercial approach, it definitely allowed us apply each of our skillsets in ways that will most likely be how we use them in the future past our time at the University. By bleeding in our own abilities into the practices of others, it allowed for us to see how versatile and compatible the course skills were with each other and how they will be in the future.

The project itself was also very well thought out in my opinion, as it covered all aspects from funding and how that would be obtained, to marketing and branding of the project (to name a few). By covering every contingency, there becomes less of a concern if the project ever came to fruition, as I feel secure enough in the project and its members. The only thing that I was never properly sure about was the survivability of it based in Huddersfield's current climate, as it has fell victim to a weak local economy that seems to close every second store, and I don't think that ever felt considered. Their only ever seemed to be consideration based around how COVID-19 had effected local businesses and its inhabitant, when I think anyone could agree that this financial issue is something that has been hitting Huddersfield for the good part of a decade. Maybe by tying it to the pandemic, the chance to bring people out from that made the overarching goal of the project seem more optimistic, rather than trying to place optimism into the idea of pulling people out of a recession. Maybe I have overanalysed this segment, but it was always something that stuck with, but I never felt confident enough to bring up the point in meetings.

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