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Indipendent Projects


Slow Burn is a documentative project shot on expired 35mm film that explores topics of familial memory and its collective preservation. Focusing on my late grandmother, who at the time was suffering with late stage dementia, Slow Burn crosses the themes of identity and memory and how an individual can often be defined by those experiences, and who they become once they are lost.

At the turn of the decade, new plans were revealed to modernise Huddersfield's town centre in an attempt to combat the economic downturn that has effected the town in recent years. Showcased here is a project that explores the coming abstraction of the towns architecture as it begins to change, depicted as wave forms. A removal of identity.


An Irish Whirlwind


A dual storied project. In the wake of my grandmothers passing, a return to Ireland that brings up a strained family dynamic, and a revelation of belonging as a second generation immigrant. An intertwining of stories happening in tangent that explore an individuals placement within a modernising Ireland.

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