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  • Jon Longworth

Seminar with Sophie Traynor

Sophie Traynor is a freelance photographer who has raked up quite the portfolio. During the early stages after her career, Traynor took it upon herself to take as many jobs as she could whenever they came her way, which resulted in doing portraiture based shoots, product photography, animal photography, working as a photography technician amongst other things.

This is something that interested me about Traynor. A lot of photographers tend to slip into a generalisation in terms of what work they produce. Whilst Traynor has now become quite comfortable in her fashion photography, which has included several project with the likes of Primark, the fact that she was willing with so many different area of photography, purely to get the experience to say that she knew how to do it is incredibly interesting to me, and it is something that I want to look at applying to my own work ethic once I start looking at jobs within the industry. What's funny is well is that they were all things they she didn't necessarily envision shooting them, but by taking any job that was offered to her, she was essentially able to build a wide, healthy and varied portfolio from essentially nothing.

From Traynor's work we can see that she has a very strong sense of colour, which she seems to utilise at every turn, regardless of what type of photography she is doing. Obviously within portraiture and product based images, the product itself is always going to be designed in such a way that it will attract the buyer and Traynor utilises this to full effect. When shooting with such intense colours, there also becomes the heavier emphasis on light and shadow and looking at how those feed into the work that she produces.

Traynor also highlighted the strength in the connections that you make within the industry. Several early jobs were gained through friends who were working on other projects with other people, who all needed certain roles to be filled, to which she was suggested for it. That is something that at this at this point in university now is heavily promoted. Obviously we can't do a great deal with it now considering the circumstances, but but by developing the connections at this point in time when we're around as many creatives as we are, there is an importance in building those friendships and those relationships as you never know where they might come in handy down the line.

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