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  • Jon Longworth

My Interim Exhibition

During second semester, we were given the task of creating an Interim show that put our final project on display for people to come have a look at.

My final project was titled 'The Tide Is Coming In', which documents the eventual change that Huddersfield town will go through as it begins its journey through the ten year plan. The title derives from the phrase 'The changing of the tides' which signifies a new wave coming in washing out the footprints left behind before the last tide. It represents physical change as the past is removed from view.

The way that the interim was set up was what could be described as modular. I separated the exhibit up through location. Because Huddersfield's 10 year Plan is split up into: Kingsgate, Queensgate, The Civic Quatre, Station Gateway, St Peters and New Street, I decided to split up my images based on which location I shot in. The intent behind this was was create certain visuals. Depending on which area in Huddersfield you were in, the town could generate completely different styles, as it had waves of Victorian era, Art Deco, Brutalism and Post Modernism. I though that it be best to separate all of them from each other so as to keep a level of consistency within each section. As a result however, there became the need to focus on every location with the same level of intensity. Places like Queensgate for example, had a healthy abundance of structures to shoot, resulting in a large body of work, whereas places like St. Peters, had absolutely nothing of note to shoot, so whatever was included for that area was of lesser quality than the other portions.

This works to a degree with some of the photos, such as Station Gateway developing a nice stone like and rustic aesthetic, but other areas have undergone so many changes, trying to composite them together makes for some visually different designs.

Where you first walk through the door, the first image that you will be greeted with is that of a clock that is located near Huddersfield's town centre. This sets the tone for the exhibition as well as solidifying straight off the bat what the larger themes are of this project, which are of time, rebirth and history.

Something that was pointed out by Liam Devlin when I was showing him my interim was that with the title itself suggesting something of a new wave, the name itself suggests fluidity, which meant that I didn't have to be so regimented in my structuring. This mean that when I was to develop the project, I could look at moving images around that could allow the interim to appear more free flowing in terms of its design. I found that concept to be quite interesting. By removing the need to keep everything within its section, it meant that I could remove some of the weaker images, since there wasn't that need to fill every space with the same amount of imagery.

To conclude, when I next come back to this, the interim will look very different as it would have went through significant change.

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