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Growth Project - Photography and Marketing

As well as taking my photos to generate a feel for the location that the project would be set in and to explore other aspects of this idea, the photos were primarily used as a key asset in our website and Instagram branding. This work became a collaboration between Gabriela, Siobhan and I, in which we combined components from all of our work and pooled them into creating one strong set of work.

Siobhan originally had traditional placeholder images that came as a stock image to use on the WIX site, which was then replaced at a later stage by my own imagery. Whilst I did not properly consider it at the time, the photos being more commercial in their design was the most appropriate action, as it fit with the branding and marketing of the project. If the images had attempted to be something more artistic, then first of all, I feel like it would not fit with the general attitude of the website and Instagram. As well as this, I also feel like more artistic imagery from my end of the scale would have resulted in pieces of work that would have been too visually overwhelming, as you had full on art coming at you from every direction. It would just come out convoluted rather than the cleaner and visually pleasing outcome that we achieved in the end.

In terms of how the Instagram operated, the initial page (which can be found at @growth_huddersfield) originally used place holder images from the University of Huddersfield of their campus buildings, but once my photos were taken, those temporary images were removed off of the page and replaced with my images, which now had Gabriela's graphic design templates placed over them. As well as this, images of locations like Queensgate Market were included with text regarding the project goals and aspirations. By including these images alongside it, it allowed for visual contextualisation to assist as a marketing device. The inclusion of these visuals over the my photos helped to generate an art based aesthetic within the project too, as I think without it the messaging would not have gotten across as easily to the audience. Without it, it paints the Instagram page out as something that was following something along the lines of property marketing, but by including these graphics, it paints out a more open idea that suggests how we as people will actually incorporate these spaces into this artistic development.

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