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Growth Project - Initial Shoot Plan

The Original intent of my role was to go to the selected location that we had scouted to photograph it. This location being the Huddersfield Local Library and the art gallery that was installed in the top floor of the building. However, upon being asked to go photograph the interior so that a better feel could be generated for the group, I learned that the gallery itself had closed. This was most likely a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic effecting public interest, as well as the Huddersfield 10 Year Blueprint generating different intents and purposes for the buildings in coming years, with a new section of the gallery to be attached in coming years. As a result I thought that the gallery had ceased to exist, but as it turns out it had been moved into one of the vacant lots within the Queensgate Markets.

Other members of the group found and photographed the layout of the new gallery space, meaning I was instead allocated to help with marketing and the website by collecting imagery of Huddersfield's town centre. The initial idea suggested by Siobhan, who is in charge of the website, that town attractions and hotspots were to be photographed, so as to generate a better feel of the town. My plan was to start from the markets and work my way outward from the epicentre, as my thought process lead to the idea that if people were attending the Growth Project space, then they'd be wanting to visit locations in the general vicinity of the hub. One of the things that I noticed when plotting out my route is that Huddersfield as a town seems to have pocket markets all within a relatively close distance of each other. These self contained buildings with shops inside them seem to be a reoccurring thing within the town centre. All of these places seem within walking distance of each other, but at the same time feel so utterly detached from one another that the lack of interest in any of these buildings seems completely understandable.

In terms of how I aimed to shoot these buildings, the plan was to shoot them very clean and commercially. If its intended for a mass market to consume, I felt that there wasn't a need to be artistic or abstract in my scope of the shoot. Overdoing images like this may only dissuade people from paying the project more mind, as it is something that their mind might not properly clock onto form a first glance. If abstract imagery is shown to them, then there becomes the issue of marketing disconnect. Without a tangible connection to what is presented in front of them, people refuse to pay any mind as it is something they cant emotionally or mentally connect to. This was the intent behind shooting in a much more commercial fashion i.e. the images being very broad in content, straight lines with full display of these buildings that surround the Growth Project's hub area. Obviously, some buildings may be to tall to fit all into the camera or some may just not work from a photography stand point, but as long as there is diversity in the buildings shot then the portfolio of imagery should be enough to keep the viewers attention.

So to summarise, this is the plan of my portion of the work at this point in time. Its fairly clear in its end goal and I have a clear vision of how I want to get there. The only variables of the shoot on the day are weather and crowd density. Weather is workable, but hopefully the crowds aren't too thick as to block out the bottom portion of these buildings and cluttering up the images on screen. But other than that, the work should be completed fairly easily.

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