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Interim Development

Right lets get to it. The first thing that I did when altering how the interim show looked was the subtitles underneath each section. As I was wanting to create a piece that felt less linear, I removed them, so as to not restrict certain photos to a certain area. I had a section at the very back of the showcase titled 'The Huddersfield of Tomorrow' which showcased Oldgate house, which acted as a hint of what was to come within the next ten years. The feedback I got from one of the other groups pointed out that it felt at odds both thematically and visually, and as well as that, the further I got into researching, I have personally a bit of an anti stance, which can be read about in my 'Observation of the Huddersfield 10 Year Plan' blog post. This resulted in me removing the images, so as not to seem like I had taken a pro stance on the whole thing.

That was the one bit of help I took from the feedback. It had also been suggested that I photograph locations outside of Huddersfield like Castle Hill, but for a project that was focusing on the revival of the town centre, photographing locations that far out would have contributed absolutely nothing to the project in term of discussion. It was also suggested that I not shoot in dull weather, but instead look at shooting in weather like rain...which is dull.

Both Liam and the group suggested developing this into a photo book, but the former said that it could also function as an exhibition piece. I decided to keep it as an exhibition piece, as I think it serves the architectural style better by allowing you to stand in this space and absorb this documented environment. I plan on coming back to this project once the town has been renovated in ten years, which I think would serve better as a book, as it could be split into two sections, past and present.

Like stated in my artist statement, the work showcases that Huddersfield seems to be repeating its history by knocking down the old to bring in the new, which allowed me to place two photos together

These two images were heavily spaced out before, so I think that bringing them together so that they are right next to each other helps solidify the themes a bit more. By having these three images all in one space, it cements the core themes before letting the viewer run wild on the rest. It almost acts as forced exposition at the beginning so that the rest of the showcase doesn't feel bogged down by the rest.

The other Kingsgate image was put next to the two Queensgate images (the three on the right). They all represent abstract wave forms, so I thought best to sequence them all together so as best to portray that to the audience, as it wouldn't have worked with one in the other room.

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